poster for the Broadway show Swing

Swing! on Broadway:

“...and then there's Beverly Durand. A three-time U.S. Open Swing Championship award-winner, Beverly has astonishing body control. When she's on stage, all eyes are fixed on her wondering what physically amazing feat she will conjure next. Frankly, many of the dancers in the cast have national championships to their credit, not to mention professional ballet experience. but beverly soars.” — George Wachtel, The Family Theatre Guide

“..too many first raters to list, but Beverly Durand and Aldrin Gonzalez made me gape with amazement most often.” — Michael Feingold, Village Voice

“...and Beverly Durand deserve special mention.......Ms. Durand flies in the bungee number in the second act. But even in the thick of the company, these two stand out. In addition to their talents and good looks, they have that sparkle peculiar to the first order of stars which distinguishes them from lesser lights.” — Curtis Ellis,

“...and well shows off the stunning athleticism of the dancers. In particular, Beverly Durand, in the fabulous "Throw That Girl Around" / "Show Me What You Got", manages to propel her body around the stage like she was made of rubber, to dazzling effect..” — Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

poster for Forever Tango

Forever Tango

“...but all bets were off when Sandor and Beverly brought the show to its knees and to its close with the stunning "Romance Del Bandoneon Y La Noche." Their ballet-like grace and impressive strength, married with the tempo of the tango, was mesmerizing.” — Michael Eck, Times Union

“A sinewy, seething couple named Sandor and Beverly delivered the last duet, a bracingly passionate and acrobatic turn that included a hair-raising lift and a fall almost to the floor, while for a finish, he twirls her endlessly above his head before tossing her into a glide across the stage, where she lands in an embrace with the bandoneon set piece.” — Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune

“...and the balletic, acrobatic daring of Sandor and Beverly (watch for a sudden lift that begins with the cradling of her head) is eye-popping.” — Hedy Weiss, Rosemont, OH

“Most noteworthy is a couple known only as Sandor and Beverly, whose pas de deux is electrified by their daredevil athleticism.” — Harp Erstein, The Palm Beach Post

“Among the dancers, two couples especially pour on the heat - particularly near the end. Sandor and Beverly - he looking like a roustabout, she like a sleek adventuress - put on dazzling and daring displays, Sandor lifts and spins Beverly, at one point dropping her from full arm's length to inches above the floor.” — Warren Gerds, Green Bay Press-Gazette

“Most exceptional is Sandor and Beverly, whose dancing is aroused by their courageous artistry.” — Cheryl Kravetz, East Sider

poster for Tango Vivo

Tango Vivo!

“Sandor and the sensational Beverly Durand - circumnavigating the stage with feral intensity - slid, dipped, and twirled, a mix of trust and lust. Entwining her legs around Sandor like a python, Durand never missed a beat; their precise and dazzling leg kicks - fast, high and numerous - were nothing short of awesome." — Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times