Beverly Durand soars above her partnerAbout Beverly Durand

Beverly soars as one of the most versatile and expressive partner dancers on the world’s stage. Her brilliant style and professionalism earned her featured roles in the Broadway hits, Swing! and Forever Tango, as well as a featured performance on the Tony Awards. She has won the prestigious Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Choreography for Swing! and The All Night Strut, and has co-choreographed numerous productions of Swing!.

Beverly has been featured on stages and television specials around the globe. Her love of roller coasters and thrill rides translates easily to a daring and athletic style of dancing that will take your breath away. When she takes the stage with her partner, she leaves the audience nothing short of awed.

A traditionally trained dancer, Beverly fell in love with partnering, first with West Coast Swing and then Argentine Tango. An expert in lifts and aerials, Beverly is equally proficient in Ballroom, Latin, and a wide variety of additional dance styles. She especially enjoys collaborating with her amazing partners on choreographies that tell a story. Her performances can tug at your heartstrings, give you goose bumps, have you gasping in excitement, and roaring with laughter.

Beverly was exposed at an early age to ballet, classical music and musical theatre. Her parents were patrons of the arts and musical theatre fans. The entire family would gather to watch the classic movie musicals. Growing up, Beverly’s idols were Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Ann Miller, Cyd Charise, and Donald O’Conner. Early on, Beverly studied at Conejo School of Dance, and had the honor of being taught by Tom Knox and Stephanie Antle, contemporaries and friends of Gene Kelly.

Beverly Durand and partnerBeverly's parents emphasized the importance of education, which led her to earn a BA in German and an MS in Environmental and Occupational Health. Beverly was working as a Water Quality Specialist and Health Inspector when she was offered an opportunity to perform in Forever Tango. Without hesitation, she dropped her white smock and test tubes in favor of fishnets and high heels. This was a major turning point in her life, as she realized that dance was her true calling.

Since that day when she found the courage to follow her dream, Beverly has been honored to have worked with some of the top producers, directors, writers, and choreographers in the dance and entertainment industry, including Jerry Zaks, Tony Stevens, Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Rupert Holmes, Marc Robin, Barry McNabb, Hinton Battle, Sarah Miles, Walter Painter, Richard Stafford, Bigelow Green, and Luis Bravo.

Beverly is featured regularly in theatrical productions and dance events around the world, and enjoys teaching and judging as well. She often performs as a guest entertainer aboard the world’s leading cruise line, Crystal Cruises. She is grateful for the years she lived abroad, and all across the United States. She has a deep love for diverse cultures and people. But if she had to choose just one place to call home, she’d probably pick two – she’s equally at home in New York City and the Los Angeles area. That’s where you’re most likely to find her when she’s rehearsing for the next show.

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